Weddings & Anniversaries

Planning a wedding a wedding, or an anniversary for that special couple. Let us help you design the perfect cake for the perfect couple.

Sweet Beet Holidays

Need some help with your holiday preparation? We'll do the baking for you. Make every holiday a Sweet Beet Holiday.

Sweet Beet Celebrations

Graduations, birthdays, confirmations, bar mitzvahs, any special celebration can be Sweet Beet Celebration. We can help you create the perfect treat to accommodate the perfect celebration.

 Labor of Love

Sweet Beet believes in the labor of love from taking time to hand zest and squeeze fragrant lemons for our limoncello cupcakes, to sifting flours, whisking cream, and folding fresh eggs into our famous cake batters and pastries, to create the perfect artisan treats sought after by dessert lovers all over the Twin Cities and the St.Croix River Valley.

Our goal at Sweet Beet Bakery is to locally and responsibly source ingredients when possible, while maintaining superior taste and texture that our fans have grown to love and adore. While we are not an allergen certified kitchen, we offer exceptional allergen friendly baking, by going above and beyond to ensure there is as little cross contamination as possible. We strive to create custom made, allergy safe baked goods when required. When preparing allergen friendly items we use the appropriate ingredients, and we have processes in place to minimize cross-contamination where possible. All of our items are processed and baked in the same facility, so we can't guarantee 100% free of any one allergen.

sweet beet bakery cupcake